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Sadie & Ace


Size: small mediums & mediums

Color: caramels, apricots, reds & creams

Markings: solids
Coat type: fleece coats


Sadie & Ace's litter will consist of all shades of red, apricot, cream and caramel. These puppies will be all solid coloring. The puppies temperaments are going to be incredibly laid back but very bubbly, happy, gentle and mellow yet knows how to have fun. These puppies will be eager to please and totally dedicated to their humans.

Theme: Country Legends

3 Girls & 1 Boys



Born: 3/22/2023

Temperament Testing: 5/10/23

Puppy Allocations: Starting only after temperament testing is completed and scored

Puppy Pick up (at our home): 5/17/2023

Airport Date / flying in for pick up (TRI airport): 5/17/2023 (needs scheduling with Reads so we can accommodate) 

Flight & Driving Nanny services is limited and scheduled at the convenience of the Nanny

Confirmed Pregnant 

Puppies right after being born 

Puppies Day 1

Puppies Day 3

Puppies week 1

Puppies almost 2 weeks - showing off their eyes

Bath time 

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