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America & Milow


Size: micro mini, small mini & reg mini

Color: all shades of reds, apricots, caramels & creams

Markings: solids and possibly tuxedo
Coat type: fleece coats

6 Boys
Theme: "Made In America" (Guitars)



Born: 7/26/2022 

Temperament Testing: 9/13/22

Puppy Allocations: Starting only after temperament testing is completed and scored

Puppy Pick up (at our home): September 20th (Tuesday)

Airport Date / flying in for pick up (TRI airport): September 21st (Wednesday)

Flight & Driving Nanny services is limited and scheduled at the convenience of the Nanny

1st Litter (different daddy)

2nd Litter (same pairing)

America & Milow's litter will consist of all shades of red, apricot, cream and caramel. These puppies will be all solid and possibly tuxedo markings. The puppies temperaments are going to be so outgoing, bubbly, friendly and will know how to have fun. They should be natural lap dogs. These puppies will be eager to please and totally dedicated to their humans.



During Labor...waiting on pups!


Puppies right at birth


Puppies at day 3

Puppies at week 1

Puppies at 2 weeks

Puppies at 3 weeks

_Taylor 3 weeks.jpg

Puppies at 4 weeks

Puppies at 5 weeks

Puppies right after a bath & 1st groom 
(still a little chilled - which is why they are shaky)

Puppies still very zealous to nurse #milkbar

Puppies getting  more steady on their feet and loving to play and wrestle - boys will be boys 

Puppies right after a bath & mini grooms 
(and yes...we sped the videos up)

Puppies enjoying their "special time" with us...
(and yes...we sped the videos up)

Puppies enjoying "free play"...
(and yes...we sped the videos up)

Puppies at 7 weeks