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 Johnson City, Tennessee


You will receive the official Purchase Contract & Heath Warranty once we know which puppy will be yours, however you can access the Contract by requesting the password to view our Contract early.


We guarantee that your new puppy will be healthy at the time you receive him or her. Your puppy will have received his or her first vaccinations and de-worming treatments as appropriate for his or her age. In addition, the puppy will have passed a physical examination, as well as a fecal by a certified Veterinarian shortly before we release him or her to you.  Your puppy's parents have went through & cleared Genetics testing, hip, elbow and patella testing through either OFA, PennHip, eVet Diagnostics or AVA, as well as OFA eye exam, OFA heart as well as as many genetic tests that are available to us at the time. 


Dogs that we breed go through an extensive panels of tests that clear them of genetic issues and then are carefully paired before they are bred. We provide a two-year health warranty on genetic disease that significantly impairs the life of the dog (as determined by at least two veterinarians). Should a serious genetic issue be discovered within the first two years, we will pay the vet expenses for treating that issue up to the purchase price of your puppy or will replace your dog with another puppy.


While we expect our puppies to remain healthy and to live long lives, canine health is dependent on environmental factors such as a healthy diet, exercise, safe living conditions, and regular veterinary care for vaccinations, not being over-vaccinated and other treatments. Love, attention, and proper training are also critical to your dog’s well-being. We expect that you will provide these critical components to your dog‘s long-term health and there are some requirements on your end to keep the Two Year Health Warranty Vailid.


All of our puppies will have just seen a vet and had a thorough physical, been properly dewormed and vaccinated before leaving our home. We do ask that if you have any concerns about your puppy when you receive them, you take your puppy to your veterinarian within the first 3 days after receiving him or her. If not, please let your puppy relax into his or her new home at a gentle pace. Too many visitors, car trips, exposure to disease & germs and other excitement can be overwhelming to a young pup transitioning and could disrupt the careful socialization that has been conducted up until that time. Very importantly, although your puppy will have received age-appropriate vaccinations when you bring him home, please proceed cautiously when you take your puppy out in public until he or she has completed the complete series of puppy shots. Young pups are at risk to the parvovirus and many other serious issues, which can stay dormant for years in the ground and is not killed by most common disinfectants. We recommend that you carry your puppy into the veterinarian’s office and hold him or her for the duration of your visits, due to the possibility of parvovirus or other diseases being tracked in by other animals.



Purchase & Health Warranty Contract

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