Payment schedule expectations:

 The price of our registered companion puppy is:

Reserved before birth $3000 (taxes included)

(as long as all payments are paid on time - if not, family looses that early discount making amount $3200) 

Reserved after birth $3200 (taxes included)


The Application Fee is $500

1st 1/2 payment due at birth

2nd payment 1/2 payment due on or before six weeks of age

The Application Fee is $500 (non-refundable) and will hold/secure a puppy spot and will be applied to the remaining balance. Your Application Fee is non-refundable, however Application Fees can be transferred to future available litters at your request WITH NO EXPIRATION.

We reserve the right to withhold any dog back, change a stud or refuse to move forward with a family at anytime. 

  WHAT WE DO - We specialize in miniature & medium Australian Labradoodles. Our program integrates the "Puppy Culture" program, and other positive reinforcement techniques. The extra care we put into each puppy requires us to keep our program small. So that we can spend the extra time needed to work with, invest & love our puppies. We have been trained and specialize in Puppy Imprinting. We offer the benefits of a small breeder who performs Early Neurological Stimulation,  Enrichment Effects, safe early socialization, crate training, grooming, potty training & other age appropriate games and exercises and early training and puppy imprinting. 

At Read's Australian Labradoodles we invest a lot of time and money into our dogs along with extensive testing to insure superior health and results, only the best dog food, supplements and bones are permitted. We chose to breed Australian Labradoodles due to the abundance of benefits...allergy friendly, non shedding, great Therapy Dogs, intelligence, amazing with small children and loyal to family, fantastic demeanor's, easy to train. 

 NOT JUST A LABRADOODLE -The Labradoodle started out as a simple cross between the Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle or Miniature Poodle and is still widely the case in North America. Australians, on the other hand, have taken the Labradoodle several steps further. In mid-2004 it was announced that the Australian Labradoodle was not just a Labrador x Poodle cross, but was a breed in its own right, developed over many years with particular goals in mind. To accomplish these goals, further development was done with parent breed infusions added to the already blooming Labrador x Poodle cross lines. The developers of the breed sought out the best way in which to compliment the Australian Labradoodle breed, and to develop the authentic qualities that they find and love in these dogs.

  In 1997 the very first Australian Labradoodle Breed Standard was written which reflected these goals. The Australian Labradoodle currently consists of 6 different breeds in its origin. The confirmed and approved parent breeds of the Australian Labradoodle are the Poodle: Toy, Miniature & Standard, Labrador Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel, Curly Coat Retriever, American Cocker Spaniel and English Cocker Spaniel. Please see this link here to see a little about the breed and history.  


 PROCESS TO GET ON A LITTER -We have a couple very carefully planned liters each year to ensure that we can properly socialize and work with the puppies. If you are interested in moving forward on reserving a spot on one of our litters, we encourage you to fill out the Puppy Application (found at the top of the website labeled " Puppy Application") and read that page thoroughly. Once you are ready to move forward, first submit "Puppy Application". We will then contact you to have the "interview" and go over your application and answer any questions you may have as well. Lastly, place your Application Fee of $500 to secure a spot on a certain litter, if a desired puppy is not available. Once your Application Fee is received you will be placed on our litter's reservation list of your preference of litter. Personality matching is our highest priority. Meaning, we will take into consideration what you are looking for as far as color, markings, etc., however, matching families with the appropriate puppy is our highest concern. Our desire is for you to have the best successful experience with us and your new puppy. If you are not pleased with the option(s) we select for you, you may move to another litter.

  Please understand, placements in a litter are subject to change (example if we have a family in a previous litter loose their puppy or spot before it goes home, then that family will be moved to the very next litter and may bump another family). These situations very rarely occur, however sad situations can happen. When they do, we want to make these terrible situations "right" as quickly as possible. We understand that this can be upsetting to other families. If this ends up bumping you, please consider how you would want us to treat the situation, if you were to be the unfortunate family. Puppy selections occur after the Puppy Temperament tests take place at 7 weeks. 


 PUPPY PLAY DATES & VISITORS -  We encourage you to come and visit our Puppy Play Date and play with your puppy. For health precautions and to insure the protection from diseases to our puppies or home, we do not allow visitors until seven weeks. This will be at the discretion of the breeder and only by scheduled appointments. Our puppy play dates will be highly structured, as we can not take any chances with someone else's puppy being dropped, hurt or exposed to deadly germs. Before your scheduled visit, we will discuss precautions that will need to be taken before coming and visiting. We also ask that you never come in "testing" the puppy for things you have read or watched online. If you choose to have a certified trainer to test the puppies, we will need to be notified and they will need to be approved before the meeting date.  We will schedule our "Puppy Party" puppy play date time for you and your family to come see and play with the puppy going to your family. Please understand, we can not always work with everybody's schedule. We have tried accommodating different needs in the past and it was extra challenging for everyone involved. Please be respectful of the times and dates set. If you are unable to attend, we will be happy to send you a personal videos of your new puppy or accommodate a video conferences with your new puppy. We will give you the puppy play date schedule seven weeks in advance. Please also understand that we may not always be able to offer a play date if we have another young or struggling litter on the ground. 

 When you arrive you will be required to go through a sanitation process, involving a SantiStride mat (with a disinfectant to kill Parvo and other viruses that can be passed and are life threatening to the puppies) to treat your shoes, then booties will be required to be placed over the treated shoes and hands washed before coming to play with the puppies. We ask that before you arrive, please do not go to places like petsmart (or other pets stores), vets, dog parks, etc. for the protection of the puppies. You will be asked to play on the floor with the puppies, as we have had families come in and drop puppies, had puppies fall off the couch and other very scary and potentially deadly accidents happen to these precious puppies...this is for the protection of the puppies. If your health does not permit you to sit on the floor to play with the puppy, please notify us in advance and we will be happy to try to come up with something to accommodate your needs. You must communicate, in advance and have every person that you wish to attend with you, approved by us before you arrive. We reserve the right to turn anyone away. We understand that this may seem extreme, however, we will take any precautions we can to protect the life of the puppies.  The cleaning process takes less than a minute and is well worth the added step of protection...the last thing we want to do is have to call you to inform you that we lost the whole litter due to Parvo or have to contact another family to inform them someone else came to play with their puppy and dropped it and it died!! We have our puppies (and adult dogs) health and safety at top priority. For safety and health measures, our home is not open to the public for visits. Thank you for respecting the policy we have set forth to ensure the health and safety of our puppies.

  PROCESS FOR UPDATES - We strive for videos or pictures daily on our private facebook group, however that does not always happen. We post weekly pictures and/or videos on our Facebook page, as well as keep you up to date on ultrasounds, (we do not perform X-rays (unless there is a reason) to protect our mother and puppies), and the birth, once you place a deposit on a puppy litter. You can check for updates and follow your puppies progress/updates through pictures and updates by clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom of any of our Read's Australian Labradoodles web pages. We encourage our families to join our Read's Puppy Family Group (you must answer the three questions to be approved for this private page), as this will be our method of keeping everybody updated on their new puppy. We appreciate your support and great reviews that you can share on our page. If you use or share any of our pictures that you "photo credit Read's Australian Labradoodles" or have our written permission before using any of our pictures. 


 PUPPY DELIVERY OPTIONS - We believe that driving in or flying in (and taking your puppy back in cabin) to pick up your puppy is the best option for the health and emotional support of your new puppy! This reduces stress on the puppy and encourage bonding between you and your new puppy. However, if you are not local and unable to drive in/fly in to pick up your puppy, we have a few options... We can fly with your puppy, and bring them to you (Flight Nanny). This arrangement has to be set up, quoted and approved. If you desire this Flight Nanny service, please let us know right away, as there is limited availability in each litter for this service. If that is not an option and as a last resort, we can ship your puppy (Cargo) to you for additional costs and will need to be discussed further. The cost of shipping within the United States needs to be quoted and is in addition to the price of your puppy. We do not believe in cutting corners with the safety of our puppies,  your precious new member of your family. We can arrange delivery to Tri-Cities (TN) Regional Airport if you decide you will fly in to pick up your puppy. If your puppy will be flying back with you then you may be required to have a health certificate from a certified veterinarian that we will provide at our "Fly-in pick up" price, which will be quoted upon request. You will need to check with your airline you are using to see if the Health Certificate is required, then let us know in a timely manner. The "fly-in pick up" price is additional. Please check with the airline about their requirements in advance to verify this is an option and what is required. Please note, some airlines require the puppy to be a certain age for the "fly-in pick up" option. 


 PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS - FOR PUPPIES RESERVED BEFORE BIRTH: The first 1/2 payment (after $500 Application Fee is placed to hold spot in a litter of your choosing, if available) is due by or when puppies are born and the balance is required by no later than six (6) weeks of puppy age. We accept Credit Cards (3.5% fee), Zelle (no fees), cashiers check or personal checks if you don't want to use a credit card, if timing allows. We encourage you to be respectful of the date set forth for puppy pick up. If you can not pick-up or fly your puppy at the scheduled time, there will need to be an approval from Read's Australian Labradoodles that we can accommodate your scheduling needs and there will be a daily "boarding fee" of $75 and has to be paid in full before puppy will be released. NOT NEGOTIABLE. Payment due by 6 weeks of age. Please make checks payable to: Read's Australian Labradoodles. Please note that your spot on the reservation list or any available puppies will NOT be held until we receive your Application Fee, have had the phone interview and the Puppy Application was submitted and approved. If we receive another approved family's deposit before yours, that family will have priority on puppy reservation list. Checks must be received and cleared prior to puppy delivery to assure transfer of funds. Invoices will be submitted for extra charges and expected to be paid promptly. Thank you. 

PUPPY HEAD START: We apologize, we are no longer offering our Puppy Head Start Program. 

YOU CAN PLACE YOUR $500 (credit card processing fee 3.5%) APPLICATION FEE BELOW

To place your $500 Application Fee using Zelle (with no added CC fee) by using our email: 

1/2 payment (with 3.5% credit card fee)

Full payment (with 3.5% credit card fee)

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