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Have you been wanting one of our top, non-shedding/allergy friendly, service quality, Australian Labradoodle puppies as a member of your family but can't see yourself paying puppy price or waiting as long as it takes for a pet puppy due to the hight demand...then this program might be for you! 

To continue expanding our breeding program, and to ensure all of our breeding dogs live a quality lifestyle with their own forever family, we have implemented a Guardian Home program.

 We choose our future breeding dogs very carefully. Only those with qualities that we want to see continue into future generations are kept as our “pick of the litter” for breeding. Our guardian homes receive the best we have to offer when we place a potential future breeding dog with them. Not only are they receiving what we consider to be worthy of continuing a line, but we also completely health test the dogs, at our expense, when they are at the appropriate age. By the time one of our puppies is raised and tested to the strict standards we hold, we have invested a great deal into ensuring they are healthy and genetically sound. 

Our puppies are sent to families across the world, bringing  joy and happiness to their lives. Being a guardian family gives you the chance to be a part of that. To be considered as a guardian home for a male puppy, we prefer that you live within 30 minutes of Gray, TN. To be considered a guardian home for a female puppy, we prefer that you live within one hour of our home. However, we have been willing for the right fit to make exceptions, so please at least reach out and ask! 

We are a small in home breeder, and we believe as soon as one of our breeding dogs can have a forever home, the better. We believe that all dogs should be able to live in a loving, stable home where they are a valued member of the family. We believe all dogs should be treated with respect and dignity. Studies (and plain old common sense) has shown that happy, secure dogs, produce happy, secure puppies. It is imperative to us that our Guardian homes are engaged with their dog and provide an optimal, loving and secure environment. 

Benefits for the Guardian Home:

  • Guardians have a pick-of-the-litter, chosen by the breeder

  • Guardians have additional health information & testing for their dog

  • Guardians receive ongoing support from the breeder

  • Guardians can schedule trips during breeding/whelping without worry or cost of kenneling their pet

Benefits for the Guardian Dog:

  • Following retirement, the Guardian dog won't need re-homed

  • Guardian dogs are well-socialized and in stable home environments

  • Guardian dogs NEVER have to be kenneled when their family is traveling

  • Guardian dogs can be pampered in their own environment without "wanting" or being "jealous"  for attention

Guidelines to be a Guardian Home:

  • Guardian must be a homeowner or approved rental. 

  • Guardians have to be open to suggestions from Read's Australian Labradoodles

  • Guardians need to be able to provide a lifestyle that permits the dog to have a regular, quality companionship and flexibility to allow for breeding events. 

  • Guardians must never strike the dog as a form of discipline and follow positive training techniques 

  • Guardians must keep the dog on a leash or in a fenced area at ALL times

  • Guardians must attend a puppy obedience classes before eight months of age and complete levels 1 and 2 before the dog is a year and a half or attend the online Baxter & Bella.

  • Guardians who go on to pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and provide certificate, will receive compensation/gift for such accomplishments

  • Guardians must be willing to feed our approved food & Supplement. 

  • Guardians must stay in communication and cooperate and coordinate with Read's Australian Labradoodles 

  • Puppies/Dogs must be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks in accordance with grooming guidelines for an Australian Labradoodle

  • Guardian must keep in touch regularly and agrees to send pictures at least once a month (not professional - phone pictures are fine)

  • Most importantly...provide a loving, nurturing home

The above guidelines are simple and look out for the well being of our dogs. They are probably not much more than you’d be doing for your own puppy, if you purchased one outright. If you are interested in being one of our Guardian Homes, please take our first step and click here to apply.  

-The Reads

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An Excellent Opportunity

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​If you are interested at all please take our first steps by viewing our Guardian Home Program (click) and then completing our Puppy Matching Application (click) before reaching out for more information. Thank you!