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Please complete our puppy application before reaching out...this is our first step. 

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🐾 1) Puppy Application: Please take our first step and complete our Puppy Application. This helps us ensure you the best fit for you and your new puppy. After the Puppy Application, next the $500 non-refundable application fee should be placed.

🐾 2) Make the application fee of $500 to hold your placement on the certain litter desired (if available) or you can choose to be placed our Master Reservation List. This $500 comes off of the total price of the dog. Please note that a placement on a specific litter or our master list will not be finalized until the adoption application is completed and the fee is receivedAt that point you will receive an email with a confirmation. 


IMPORTANT: If any important information is found inaccurate (not mistakes or misunderstandings- only serious lies and deceit), falsely given, attempts to scam and it turns out that we choose not to place a puppy in your home, your deposit will not be applied to ANY future litters and will be withheld from any amount of monies refunded for time spent/wasted with said family and not allowing us to provide a puppy to good, legitimate home. The deposit will pay for our consultation/inconvenience fee. 


Getting to know your family

The information supplied in the puppy matching application, during any phone calls, texts and emails help provide more information about you, your family and lifestyle. This helps us provide you with a successful pairing. 

Get on a litter

If there is a pairing that looks like it would fit your needs and the time frame works, you can go ahead and be placed on that litter option if available. Sometimes a litter looks full until we get closer and families change their minds. If you are placed on our Master List, you will be notified and bumped into any openings before other families interested that have not went through our Application Process. 


Master Reservation List

We have recently started implementing a master reservation list.  We have been evaluating our litter list process and are always looking for the most fair way to get our families a puppy that suits their needs and desires in the most timely manner. When we used to take a certain number of reservations on a certain litter, we were doing our best to estimate how many puppies we thought there would be. What we found was that if we took for instance, six reservations on a litter and the dog only had 4 puppies that two families were not going to get a puppy because the next upcoming litter was fully booked as well....heartbreaking! More than that, we had issues with families getting on a litter and then things changing in their lives (as things often do) and they needed to move out of that litter...when I passed up on 15 (or more) excellent families that would have loved to have been on that litter. Sadly, I couldn't make anything happen for them because the litter "was full" and by the time we found out about the changes, it was too late for the families. With our master reservation list, families get put on in the order the reservations are received. When a litter is born we start at the top of the list and get in contact with each family to see if they want a puppy out of that specific litter or want to wait until the next litter. We give our families a certain time to respond before giving the spot to the next family in line. This also gives our families options to change their mind about certain aspects (which happens more often than not) without having to wait so much longer because all of the litter options were full. As families get a puppy others will move up on the list. Families never lose their spot on the list even if they pass on a litter. So once a family is at the top of the list, they have the option to choose to be on any litter option desired. We do ask that families choose to get a puppy within two years of placing their reservation.

What you can expect through our process

We send detailed weekly "pupdate" emails keeping our families on the litter informed on how mama and her puppies are doing, how they are growing and what they are working on each week. We also include important topics, issues and how to ensure our families are emotionally and physically prepared to bring their new puppy home. Then we post multiple video pupdates to watch your puppy grow and learn while they are in our home. Click HERE to see an example of some of the visual pupdates you can expect to see as you walk through the process. When you click on this link to view, it's best to view on a computer instead of a phone. 


We are taking reservations on our upcoming litters.  Mother Nature will get the final decision on when these litters will arrive but we are confident that we will have puppies available for you within the year.  You can find some of our upcoming pairings HERE

Our Breeding Program

Depending on the individual pups, and the needs of our breeding program or other very select approved breeder programs, we select our keeper pup/breeder prospects. In most cases, we chose a single puppy as a breeding prospect. Other approved breeding programs, as well as Service or Therapy spots have priority above companion puppies due to the nature of very specific needs.

Service/Therapy Dogs

Next in line of priority are Service Dogs or Therapy dogs. This is our passion. This was one of the main reasons we began breeding this breed, for Service related needs. If we have a need for a Service or Therapy Dog in the litter, those needs/requirements will be placed in front of a family looking for a companion pet. The reason being, Service Animals or Therapy Dogs require very specific traits, testing, demeanor, etc. for them to be successful with such important work. If there happens to be one in the litter, it would need to be placed in a home that would be best suited.  

Temperament Testing

The litter is continually assessed from birth onward. At 49 days of age they are "temperament tested". Only after temperament testing has been completed, then puppy allocations begin (right around the 7 week timeframe). We do not allocate puppies until after the temperaments become "more stable" and we have assessed the future temperaments of each puppy in the litter...this takes place after 7 weeks of age.


Matching pups to people

From the moment we first meet with potential adopters we focus on their needs, lifestyle, goals, family dynamics and expectations, as well as the living situation for their new puppy. Our priority is to match each pup with their ideal family. We work very closely with the families and take into consideration the desires a family has for their new puppy, like gender, markings & color preferences. However, we match temperament first (for success), then try to accommodate gender and size if that can be a true requirement for success in a home. Then we do our best to accommodate color, marking preferences if possible. To stay on a litter, you must love every puppy in the litter or you will be asked to move to another litter, allowing the next family that would love every puppy in the litter. We will allow you to move your deposit to as many litters as it takes to be comfortable within two years, as long as you communicate very early on (right after birth - within the first week) or pass on the litter. Again, you may pass on any litter(s) and keep your spot on the master list...if you move out of a litter (after accepting the spot) you will be moved to the next spot in line on the list. We will do our best to accommodate your desired traits if possible, however, please understand that personality matches are much more important than color or marking matching. Please remember that we are not ordering a pizza here and Mother Nature plays a huge role in what we produce. Our goal is to select a good match for your family and our puppy... based on the puppys' personality and your lifestyle and desires for your new puppy and what we know about the individual puppies. Please keep in mind, we are spending day and night interacting, working with and raising the puppies and know them very well. We want to set your family and our puppy up for success. Our goal is to be pleasing but also have a successful fit...we would never want a puppy having to be rehomed because a puppy was paired based on a coloring.That would be very irresponsible of us as breeders.  


If a match doesn't work for you

If the puppy adopter is not happy with the pup they are matched with, they may ask to be placed back on the Master List but this is not guaranteed at this point in the process. We may or may not allow you to move once (if you choose to not move forward with the puppy allocated - after puppy selection has occurred). This does not apply to families that passed on a litter pairing at birth - this only applies to families rejecting the puppy that was paired with a family and the family chose not to accept that puppy. Then your funds, minus the application fee will be refunded. 

Ready to move forward...

Be sure to check us out on Facebook (click here) to keep up with puppy progress or future litters.
For our families moving forward with us, we ask that you join our private Facebook page for families on a wait list or already have a puppy from us...please click here for our private page - make sure to answer the questions or we will not accept your request to join. Thank you!

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