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Please complete our puppy application before contacting us for more information...

Jo is available to an approved Guardian Home ONLY...

We are currently looking for a local guardian family for our sweet and beautiful Jo (from our Hazel & Milow's "Little Women"). We are so obsessed with Miss Jo!  Jo will be a very small mini in size and probably not get much larger than a whopping 12 lbs. She is a fun, playful, eager to connect and please girl, yet also has a very mellow and relaxed side to her. She adores children and does well with other dogs. She is doing well with house training for her age and is very smart and eager to please. She has a medium energy level. Jo has an amazing soft fleece coat that does well with allergies and will be non shedding. Jo has a strong desire to connect with her people, so we are looking for a home (with or without children) that at least one adult is home for a good part of the day, has a desire to train and work with their dog and wants to partner with us to give Jo the life she deserves while also being apart of continuing the legacy doing all we do with excellence and bringing joy to other families around the world. Jo was just returned (no fault of her own) and is available now. If you are interested in being her forever guardian family, please take our first step (before reaching out) and complete our Puppy Matching Application. Please do NOT reach out unless all parties in the home are 100% on board with bringing home a new puppy and all that entails. 




🐾 In order to ensure that our puppies are placed with a "good fit" and the right family, we ask that you complete our Puppy Matching Application BEFORE you reach out to us! We will reach out to you after you apply with any puppies that would be a good fit for your family and all of the details via email.

🐾 Just because you are reading this does not necessarily mean we have availability. We ask our future prospective families interested in a puppy now to take our first step and complete our Puppy Matching Application. Then we will reach out to you about any puppy that matches your preferences, goals, desires, lifestyle, etc., if we have any. You can view any options below.
🐾 PLEASE DO NOT REACH OUT TO US ABOUT ANY PUPPY AVAILABLE NOW IF ALL OF THE ADULTS IN THE HOME ARE NOT IN AGREEMENT AND READY NOW TO BRING A PUPPY HOME NOW. If you are not ready NOW, that is fine...we ask that you not take time inquiring about dog's available and ready NOW unless you are ready and serious NOW.
If you are not ready now but want a puppy in the future, complete our puppy matching application to be placed on our Master List. 



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LOCAL FAMILIES: We have a few incredible Guardian Program opportunities AVAILABLE NOW...

Guardian Home puppies are only available to local home that want to partner with us and be a Guardian for us

If you are interested at all please take our first steps by viewing our Guardian Home Program (click) and then completing our Puppy Matching Application (click) before reaching out for more information. Thank you! 

We are located in Johnson City, Tennessee and are happy to meet you at TRI airport. If you are unable to make the trip yourself, we are happy to connect you to a reliable and wonderful flight nanny service that can safely bring our pup to you!  


Please go to our website and complete our Puppy Matching Application to start the approval process for any of these amazing puppies available now or in the future! 

All of our puppies were reserved when we chose to do these pairings... It is unheard of us to have puppies available like we do, as we usually have a very long wait. Our puppies available now are available today due to an unheard of amount of families on our active waiting list (master list) passing until another time. With every breeder experiencing the effects of the economy just recently, we all seem to be having families passing, a serious slowing of interest and puppies available.

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