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Danny from our "Full House" Litter


Danny was in training to be a service dog (alert service dog) for a deaf woman who he lived with until just recently. They traveled from place to place and Danny has been well socialized. He was returned because his human had some new medical/personal issues she needed to address and could no longer care for him properly. Danny, who they called "Chester" is house trained. He knows several voice/hand commands, like sit, stay, lie down, touch, crate, settle, off, quiet, heel, down, wait, come, drop it just to name a few. He does pretty well (for his age) on the leash and also with his crate. Danny likes playing fetch (especially frisbee), car rides, long walks, belly rubs, ear rubs, cuddling and eating. Danny is a sweet, cuddly, sensitive, sympathetic, smart and funny 7 month old boy.  


Australian Labradoodle




7 month




Small Medium 30 lbs

LOCAL FAMILIES: We have a few incredible Guardian Program opportunities AVAILABLE NOW...

We do not have any pets available now...Guardian Home puppies are only available to local home that want to be a Guardian for us

If you are interested at all please take our first steps by viewing our Guardian Home Program (click) and then completing our Puppy Matching Application (click) before reaching out for more information. Thank you! 

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