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Cinnamon's Early Spring 2019 litter

Daddy:  Barksdale Nova Scotia – “Nova”

Born: June 7th  

Size: Medium puppies

Cinnamon being patient .jpg

Cinnamon patiently waiting to come back in with her babies


In honor of our special families in the Service in this litter, we are doing a theme that ties, Army, Navy, Air-force & Marines all together

Semper Fi Litter

One Week

Captain 1 week.jpg
Lieutenant 1 week.jpg
Cadet  1 week.jpg

Two Weeks

Three Weeks

Four Weeks

Captain 4 weeks.jpg
Cadet 4 weeks.jpg
Lieutenant 4 weeks.jpg

Five Weeks

Cadet 5 weeks.jpg
Captain 5 weeks 2.jpg
Lieutenant 5 weeks.jpg

Six Weeks

Cadet 6 weeks.jpg
Lieutenant 6 weeks.jpg
Captain 6 weeks.jpg

Seven Weeks

Cadet 7 weeks.jpg
Captain 7 weeks.jpg
Lieutenant 7 weeks.jpg
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