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Ellie & Keys

Size: micro mini & mini

Color: Chocolate & Caramel (mostly chocolate)

Markings: Parti & solid/white mismarks
Coat type: fleece coats

This is Ellie's 1st litter

This litter should consist of a majority of chocolate as well as caramel with mostly parti markings but could have some solids and white mismarks.  These puppies should be so very smart, outgoing, friendly, bubbly and very people of the parti puppies! These puppies will be so eager to please but also have a mellow side to them and be very happy and content just being with their people. They will enjoy resting at their peoples feet, cuddle on the couch...they should be total lap dogs. The puppies will have allergy friendly/non shedding fleece coats.  

Theme: "Captain America"

1 Girls & 3 Boys



Due: 4/26/23

Should be ready for their new homes towards the end of June

Born: 4/25/23

Temperament Testing: 6/13/23

Puppy Allocations: Starting only after temperament testing is completed and scored

Puppy Pick up (at our home): June 20th 2023

Airport Date / flying in for pick up (TRI airport): June 20th 2023

Flight & Driving Nanny services is limited and scheduled at the convenience of the Nanny

Confirmed Pregnancy 


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