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Faith & Lincoln 2019 litter

large mini to medium puppies

Puppies Born: November 6th 

Puppies flying home go-home date: Friday January 3rd

Families coming to pick-up from our home date: Sunday January 5th 

(Please scroll to the bottom to see Faith's puppies pictures)

Just had an opening for a spot in this litter come open!

About Mommy: Faith - Grading A5/Certified

About the daddy: Lincoln


Faith & Lincoln's litter consists of all shades of caramel and apricot coloring with no markings. These puppies will range in the 20-35 lb range when full grown. The puppies temperaments are going to be incredible. 


Sneak Peak at Puppies at birth


Puppies at One Week Old 

Puppies at TwoWeek Old 

Puppies at ThreeWeek Old