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Gogo & Rip

GOGO' S  1ST LITTER (different daddy)

Size: micro mini & small mini

Color: caramels, apricots, reds & creams

Markings: mostly solids
Coat type: fleece coats


Gogo & Rip's litter will consist of all shades of red, apricot, cream and caramel. These puppies should be mostly solid coloring. The puppies' temperaments are going to be incredibly people focused, outgoing, bubbly, loving, gentle, but also have a mellow side to them. They will especially like car rides and tagging along and those times of cuddling on the couch together. They will adore doing whatever their people are doing and being apart. Mama and daddy are both excellent with children, older people and other dogs. These puppies will be eager to please, very smart, easy to train and totally dedicated to their humans.

Theme: Trick or Treat

2 Girls & 2 Boys



Due: 10/6/23

Born: 10/7/23

Temperament Testing: 11/25/23

Puppy Allocations: Starting only after temperament testing is completed and scored

Puppy Pick up (at our home): 12/2/23

Airport Date / flying in for pick up (TRI airport): 12/2/23

Flight & Driving Nanny services is limited and scheduled at the convenience of the Nanny

Confirmed Pregnant 

Mama Gogo before puppies arrive

Puppies right at birth

Day 1 (less than 24 hours old)

Puppies Day 3  

Puppies one week old 

Puppies two weeks old 

Puppies three weeks old 

Puppies 3 1/2 weeks old 

Puppies 4 weeks old 

Puppies 1st real bath

Puppies 5 weeks old

Puppies 6 weeks 

Puppies 1st trip to the Vet

Puppies 1st play-date with new puppies

Puppies almost 7 weeks

The making of pictures...
No animals were harmed in the making of this film 🤣

Puppies 7 weeks

Puppies almost 8 weeks 

Gogo's jammie party