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micro/small mini - mini puppies - large mini

Rainbow Litter (all colors possible)

solid, tuxedo & possible phantom markings
fleece coats

Born: 7/17/2021

3  BOYS  &  4 GIRLS

Pick-up at our home: 9/11/21 (Saturday)

Flight day: 9/12/2021 (Sunday) at TRI Airport

Narnia Litter

Toy Story Litter 

Tour of England Litter 

LONDON'S RETIREMENT LITTER: London & Milow's litter should consist of every color possible with possible phantom, tuxedo and solid markings . The puppies should have nice thick bone structure, and an allergy friendly/non shedding fleece coat. Both London & Milow are so dedicated to their humans. London is a lap dog and Milow is a very outgoing, fun, bubbly boy. They are both so eager to please and super smart. 


Week 1.5

Week 3

Week 5

Week 7