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small medium -medium - large medium

caramel & chocolate

solids, tuxedo & possibly phantom markings
fleece coats

Born: 7/15/2021

6  BOYS  &  3 GIRLS

Pick-up at our home: 9/9/21 (Thursday)

Flight day: 9/10/2021 (Friday) at TRI Airport

Paris's 1st litter

Paris's 2nd litter

Paris & Jay's litter will consist of all shades of caramel and chocolate coloring with tuxedo and possibly phantom markings. The puppies temperaments are going to be incredibly laid back but bubbly, gentle, calm yet knows how to have fun. These puppies will be eager to please and not know a stranger. We are so excited for these puppies.

Puppies at week 1

Paris & Jay's _-3.jpg

Puppies at week 3

Puppies at week 5

Puppies at week 7