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Born October 7th 2017 

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Reese - Mommy

Jubilee Lil Reese Cup - Grading A4/Certified 

ALCA Registration No: 145-04122014-200-LB1

Magic Man - Daddy

Manor Lake Magic Man  - Big Sur

ALCA Registration No: C061-11142011-141-LD1

 ALAA Registration: ALAA-026371

Reese is a Chocolate/Tan Phantom Mini with a wavy fleece coat. She has an exceptional demeanor, is very athletic, yet calm, well mannered and devoted to our family. She is a wonderful mother. She even "mothers" our (human) children. She is adored by all and such a blessing to our family! She has such beautiful puppies.

Magic Man (Big Sur) has a great, thick bone structure and a gorgeous non-shedding wavy fleece.  He carries a rainbow of colors in reds, golds, caramels, creams, chalk and chocolates, as well as parti. Sur has an excellent demeanor, great manors, well behaved and great with everyone. He is gentle and calm. He adores children, playing fetch and getting "loved on". 

Read's Doodles Australian Labradoodle Channel

Read's Doodles Australian Labradoodle Channel

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 Litter went to their new homes at nine weeks old!

 ALCA Litter Registration: 278-10072017-002-L

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Week Seven

Read's Doodles Hope

Read's Doodles Brooklyn