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 small medium - medium puppies
fleece coats

2 Boys & 7 Girls

 Theme: Full House


Born: 1/25/2021 

Temperament Testing: 3/15/2021 & 3/16/2021

Puppy Allocations: Starting only after temperament testing is completed and scored

Puppy Pick up (at our home): Monday  3/22/2021

Airport Date / flying in for pick up (TRI airport): Tuesday 3/23/2021

Flight & Driving Nanny services is limited and scheduled at the convenience of the Nanny


Check out Faith's 1st litter


Faith's 2nd litter

Faith & Lincoln's litter will consist of all shades of caramel, apricot, cream & red coloring. We are expecting these puppies to all be solid, with possible small amount of white markings.

Puppies at Birth


Puppies at Week 1

Puppies at Week 3

Puppies at Week 5